Shipping Policy

We make every effort to ensure all of our products are packaged as quickly and securely as possible before your order leaves our facility to guarantee your order arrives in picture-perfect condition. Unfortunately, accidents can happen while your order is en route to you. Fortunately, our Insurance covers ALL equipment that has been damaged so long as the following procedures have been followed. For starters, you should never sign for your shipment until you have thoroughly inspected it for damage. Make the truck driver wait while you break down/open/inspect the items. If an item is damaged, or if you have some doubt about possible damage, you NEED to do the following:

1. Note any damage clearly on the Bill of Lading* before signing it

2. Refuse any Damaged Items

3. Keep your copy of the Bill of lading

4. Contact us as soon as possible

*The Bill of Lading is a legal document that states you, the “receiver,” accepted your order undamaged and in good condition, clearing the freight company of any future damage claim you might have.

If your shipment is partially or entirely damaged and you did not note this in any way on the Bill of Lading, Insurance will deny the claim, and we will not be able to help repair or replace your damaged items.

Other Tips to Ensure an Easy Delivery:

We use several different freight carriers to ensure the best prices and the fastest shipping for our customers. When the carrier arrives with your items, we recommend you have a plan in place for how you will get this equipment into your building and where it will be placed once it’s inside. Remember, this is your responsibility; the truck driver will not be able to help you. Verify the item’s specification sheet for all applicable dimensions and installation requirements before placing your order to ensure that it will fit within the space you have allotted for these items, as well as any passages they might need to get through along the way.